Institute of Atomic Physics
Fusion Research Unit of the EURATOM/MEdC Association


2004 Annual Report of the
EURATOM-MEdC Association

Executive Summary

  • Interpretation and control of helical perturbatuins in tokamaks
  • Statistical physiscs for abomalous transport in plasmas
  • The anomalous transport in turbulent plasmas
  • Simulation of the VUV spectra from the reversed fiels pinch EXTRAP T2R
  • Participation in the exploitation of the JET Facilities
    • Current and Pressure Profiles Reconstruction on JET by using magnetic data and data resulting from the Motional Stark Effect (MSE) measurements as constraints
    • Investigation of Zeff discrepancy. Complex atom modelling for fusion spectroscopic diagnostics, exploitation of complex spectra for diagnostic purposes

    Physics Integration
  • Irradiation effects in ceramics for heating and current drive, and diagnostics systems
    • The comparative study of gamma-ray, electron beam and neutron flux radiation effect on semiconductor lasers. The evaluation of the optical absorption induced by gamma-ray and neutron radiation in solarization resistant optical fibres in the UV-visible range
    Magnetic structure and integration
  • Development of chemical deposition methods for the fabrication of YBCO high temperature superconducting coated conductors for high-field applications
    • Y1-xCaxBa2Cu3Oy Targets for PLD thin films deposition and chemically CeO2 buffered biaxially textured Ni-W substrates for the development of high temperature superconducting coated conductors
    Tritium inventory control
  • Studies on tritium permeation into various materials as a function of gas composition, partial pressure and temperature

    Tritium Breeding and Materials
    Materials Development
  • NUCLEAR DATA: EFF/EAF data file upgrade, processing and benchmark analyses
    • Evaluation of cross sections for Ta for the EAF and the EFF files
  • ADVANCED MATERIALS: SiC SiC Ceramic Composites
    • Measurement of electrical resistivity unirradiated composites along different directions, up to 1000 °C
    IFMIF, Test Facilities
      HFTM: Implementation of suitable NDT inspection methods for the structural integrity assessment of instrumented capsules and rigs by micro-tomography. Experimental validation of real time micro-radiography of miniaturized samples under mechanical stress
      Evaluation and validation of D-Li cross-section data: Up-dated evaluations of d + 6,7Li data up to 50 MeV
    Physics Integration
  • Irradiation effects in ceramics for heating and current drive, and diagnostics systems
    • In-situ measurement in the visible-UV range of the response of large-diameter core optical fibres to gamma irradiation
    EFDA JET Technology
    Fusion Technology
  • Endurance test catalyst - packing mixture, proposed for water detritiation system at JET, using SCK-CEN mixture
    • Catalyst- packing mixture preparation and delivering (after 3, 6, 9 months of exposure to tritiated and water-vapour). Characterization of the water from the LPCE column during the endurance test. Development of a regeneration procedure for catalyst/ packing mixture. Contribution to the definition of selection criteria of the catalyst/ packing and how to get these data
    Publications in scientific journals
    Contributions to conferences and workshops
    List of mobilities to the Euratom Associations
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