Institute of Atomic Physics
Fusion Research Unit of the EURATOM/MEdC Association


2003 Annual Report of the
EURATOM-MEC Association


  • Interpretation and control of helical perturbatuins in tokamaks
  • Statistical physiscs for abomalous transport in plasmas
  • The anomalous transport in turbulent plasmas
  • Simulation of the VUV spectra from the reversed fiels pinch
  • Investigation of discrepancies in the Zeff measurements made at JET

    Physics Integration
  • Investigation of the properties of optical fibers (in the UV spectral region) and optoelectronic components operating in radiation fields of fusion installations
  • Development of Chemical Deposition Methods for the Fabrication of YBCO High Temperature Superconducting Coated Conductors for High-Field Applications
  • Development of unreacted NbAl multifilamentary strands for fabrication of Nb3Al superconducting conductors for high-field applications
  • Studies on tritium permeation into various materials as a function of gas composition, partial pressure and temperature

  • Development of theoretical tools and their use to calculate cross sections relevant to the EAF and EFF files
  • Non-destructives analysis of fusion materials samples by microtomography
  • Calculation of Deuterium-Lithium cross sections for energies up to 50 MeV using realistic nucleon-nucleon interactions
  • Joining development: Production of brazing alloys and joints for irradiation
  • UV transmission for large diameter optical fibres
  • Publications in scientific journals
    Contributions to conferences and workshops
    List of mobilities to the Euratom Associations
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