09 December 2016

Decision for amending and completing the Decision no. 9193 / 12.04.2016 regarding the approval of the Information Package for the 5th Research Programme in areas of strategic interest, Subprogramme 5.2 - Participation in the international research bodies and programmes in the atomic and subatomic domain, CEA-RO Module "Nuclear energy, alternative energies and applications" within the the National Research – Development and Innovation Plan III for 2015 -2020 (PNCDI III)

15 November 2016

CEA Reporting model – version 1

11 November 2016

CEA Reporting model

25 July 2016

Contracting Forms

18 July 2016

The results of the Call launched on 12 April 2016 Programme 5 / Subprogramme 5.2 / CEA-RO Module

02 June 2016

The results following the eligibility check of project proposals submitted within Programme 5/Subprogramme 5.2/ CEA-RO Module, Competition April 2016

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IFA plays an integrative role in the Romanian physics research focusing on the evaluation of the national scientific potential in the field and the elaboration of an adequate development strategy, the initiation and the management of national and international research and development programmes as well as the facilitation of the knowledge transfer with a view to increasing the impact of physics research in other areas.
The main research and development institutes in Romania with activity in the field.

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CEA is active in four main areas that combine fundamental and technological research: energy, defense and security, information technologies and medical technologies. The activity carried out in the ten research centers in France and within numerous European and international partnerships has brought it a world-wide recognition.