WEB address of the of joint R&D projects financed in the frame of IFA-CEA programme

The code of projectThe title of the projectWEB address of project
C1-01Photosensitive azopolymers for biological applicationshttp://omicron.ch.tuiasi.ro/~inor/bioazo/
C1-02Study of the influence of forced and natural convection on impurity segregation and coating stability in the ingot growth of multicristalline silicon for photovoltaic applicationshttp://www.nuclear.ro/ProiecteInternationale/nsrawd/index.html
C1-03Numerical simulations for radioactive waste disposalhttp://www.nuclear.ro/ProiecteInternationale/nsrawd/index.html
C1-04Electrochemical study of iron monosulfide dissolutionhttp://chimie.ucv.ro/facultate/cercetare/proiect_pchirita.pdf
C1-05Plasma and laser processing of powders for nuclear applicationshttp://plasmat.inflpr.ro/LAPART/LAPART_romana.html
C1-06Efficient handling and processing of petabyte-scale data for the Grid centers within the FR Cloudhttp://happsdag.nipne.ro
C1-07Doped titania based nanoparticles as elements of photovoltaic cells or bactericide elementshttp://llp.inflpr.ro
C1-08Ferroelectric and diluted magnetic semiconductor based multiferroic heterostructures for energy applicationshttp://www.infim.ro/
C1-09Investigation of metal-ferroelectric interface at macro and nanoscalehttp://www.infim.ro/