The activity of the Management Committee focuses on:
     i) monitoring the IFA-CEA General Cooperation Agreement;
     ii) submitting proposals for amendments to the IFA-CEA General Cooperation Agreement or for renewing it;
     iii) making propositions concerning solutions to certain problems or difficulties recorded while the IFA-CEA General Cooperation Agreement is in force;
     iv) organizing proposals for join calls (topics, duration period of the projects, etc.);
     v) analyzing and determining the annual budget for each party of the Joint Call;
     vi) evaluating criteria for applicants at the Joint Call research projects;
     vii) ensuring the evaluation and selection of common projects based on a common procedure agreed by both parties;
     viii) analyzing the evolution and performance of Specific Agreements and of projects underway;br>      ix) managing and offering solutions to any question regarding the rights of intellectual property that are to be stipulated in the Specific Agreement.